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Ozone Steam Sauna

Cutting edge detoxification process.  The sauna, creates hypothermia, combined with the ozone results in toxins leaving lymphatic system, sparing the liver the difficult task of dealing with them.  The steam allows the ozone to travel to the lymph and fat providing amazing health benefits.  The latest research revels Ozone Steam Sauna is an effective detoxification program for the Immune system deficiencies; Pain management; Cancer; Arthritis; Stress and muscle tension; Increasing body metabolism; Elimination of toxins, and Blood circulation.

Focus: Stimulating the lymphatic system for elimination of toxins, and increased metabolism

Benefits: Relaxed muscles, elimination of toxins through the skin, stronger blood circulation for quicker body repair, elimination of bacterial and viral infections of all kinds, speeding up the metabolic processes of the inner organs and endocrine glands resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in a 20 minute session.

60 minutes – Rp 450,000 plus 10% tax

Package of 3 – Rp 1,250,000 plus 10% tax

Ozone Steam Sauna

The Body Intuitive with Bob

Unlike western medicine which treats only the physical, Bob works with your whole energy system and respects you as an individual who has a unique history, makeup and desire to heal.  In the care of Bob, you can can relax deeply.  In this relaxed state, the focus is on balancing the body and opening your energy channels to relieve pain, stress, trauma and general discomfort.  His skill comes through integrating 25 years of study and practice of deep tissue, polarity, shiatsu, pulse therapy, chakra balancing, and self-guided mediation.  Using his intuitive sensing abilities, Bob scans your energy field and ‘receives’ information on many levels.  All of this information is associated with the now moment and what will assist your understanding of your body, mind and spiritual journey for healing and wholeness. 

 Focus: It is all about you, and bringing insight and balance.

Benefits: More awareness, relaxation, vitality, enthusiasm, insight and more.

Practitioner Experience: Bob has embraced the healing and meditation arts for over 36 years to develop a unique personal approach to the human body and energy field. His sensitivity, clear understanding and deep heart connection bring grounded, usable information for increasing health.

45-60 minutes – Rp 700,000 plus 10% tax

Five sessions are recommended for recurring conditions.
Discounts are available for multiple sessions.

The Body Intuitive with Bob

Kundalini Healing with Made Ji

Building your vital energy and raising kundalini is simplified through distributing pranas in your own stream of light. Made Ji, through touch and prayers aided by natural oils, will assist relieving spiritual, mental, fatigue and stress related dis-ease. Minor and serious illness can be assisted by this process.

By appointment every Wednesday, 4pm – 5pm
60 minutes – Rp 800,000 plus 10% tax

Kundalini Healing with Made Ji

Reiki with Lela

This non-intrusive touch clears chakras and realigns your vital life energy with your Presence through gentle transmission of transformational energy.  Lela infuses the amount of loving Universal Life Force Energy that you are willing to receive while sharing gentle wisdom when appropriate. 

 Focus: The purpose is to adjust and align your energy in the moment.

 Benefits:You can expect more peace your body, and more mental clarity. Some have a mystical experience. Even the loss of pain is possible, many boast the best nights sleep ever and more energy the next day. This is a perfect modality if you have health challenges as it works on every level of your multi-dimensional self.

Practitioner Experience:  Lela came to Bali in 2003, to share her 40 years of experience of energetic healing, which includes years of teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation and Feldenkrais, and Rebirthing. She has various hands-on certifications, practice and teaching experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Energy Healer, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Eternal Breath Facilitator, Sound Healing, Cranial Sacral, Trager, Healing Touch, Brain Mind Balancing, QXCI biofeedback and more. Her ability to hold an energy vortex for Transformation is worth experiencing.

60 minutes – Rp 800,000 plus 10% tax

Reiki with Lela

Ozone Therapy by Bob

Ozone Therapy with Bob

Ozone Therapy induces a deeply relaxed state by utilizing a safe, non- invasive approach of sending ozone into the ear canals (especially good for respiratory problems) through a specially modified stethoscope, or in the armpit for the lymph system. Assisted by the use of a Chi machine, which gently rocks and aligns the body, the ozone is readily absorbed by the blood stream. On an ‘exterior’ level and at the correct therapeutic level, ozone therapy cleans, sterilizes and kills bacteria on contact. 

 Focus: Ozone Therapy can boost your immune system, granting an overall feeling of well being.

Benefits: Ozone has antioxidant stimulating capabilities, as well as anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ozone is also an immune system modulator and has powerful analgesic properties.

Practitioner Experience: Bob brings the inherent qualities of his Canadian Aboriginal tradition combined 36 experience and certifications in Polarity Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, emotional release therapy, herbal medicine, dance and art therapy, and his intuitive nature to all his clients.

30 minutes – Rp 350,000 plus 10% tax

Ozone Therapy by Bob
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