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Taksu Spa

Rejuvenating service is a Taksu Spa trademark. Experience deep relaxation and connectedness that leaves you feeling nourished and at peace, aware, playful and harmonious with your natural state of being.

Enjoy the gently playful spirit of our professionally trained massage therapists.

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Taksu Spa

Taksu Restaurant

More than just nourishing raw, vegetarian, seafood and poultry dishes, Taksu’s two level restaurant overlooks magnificent jungle foliage and trees full of colorful birds for a naturally soothing dining experience.

Just a minute’s walk from bustling Hanoman and Dewi Siti streets lined with fabulous boutiques, the Taksu Restaurant is a place to recharge,  email on free broadband wifi, read the latest newspapers, catch up with friends, and connect with like-minded travelers and local residents.

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Taksu Restaurant

Taksu Healing Haven

Offerings from our International and Balinese holistic practitioner offerings include Myofascial Deep Tissue Integrative Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Balinese Kundalini Healing, Ozone Therapy, Telluric Pulse Therapy and Intuitive Healing with Body Energy Readings.

Their natural gifts of awareness and intuition combined with intensive healing support your innate ability to heal and rejuvenate.

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Taksu Healing Haven

Taksu Events

The diversity of intimate spaces in natural settings with ample parking make Taksu an ideal venue for yoga, movement, or spiritual celebrations.

We cater to workshops of all lengths and teacher trainings.

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Taksu Events

Villa Taksu

A Special, elegant, private, restful, exotic, beautiful, luxurious, contemplative and romantic space – these are all words that guest have be used to describe their sublime experience at Villa Taksu. A perfect atmosphere for celebrating treasured time. A soulful space for writing, painting, meditating, yoga, tai chi and more.

To view the complete Villa Taksu web site: Villa Taksu

To request a booking for the RiverView Suite, please utilize Flipkey – HomeAway  or VRBO

To view Riverview Suite Gallery

Of course feel free to call any time.

Indonesian Phones:

Villa: (62-361) 975-381

Manager Lela’s cell: (62) 856 388 7022
Skype: Jannalela

Villa Taksu
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