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He expertly combines his 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training by Shades of Yoga with his three years of study at Geranada Samihita, the Sutra Patanjali Sanskrit with Indian Guruji’s ashram in Bali. Agung also draws from his original grass roots grounding by dedicated Balinese teachers of deep lineage.


Angelo Marcos Santos

Angelo studied Zen Yoga, training with Zen Master Julian “Daizan” Skinner, whom he met whilst attending Yoga classes at University College London in 2006. He was invited to join his private Zazen Meditation sitting circle. Prior to this encounter he’d studied Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga with Justine Glenton, resident Yoga Teacher at the Hale Clinic London.

Living in Bali has allowed him to further experience other styles like Yin, Restorative, ViniYoga Yiengar, Fly High Yoga, with teachers like Danny Paradise, Les Leventhal, Jose Luis and others.

He has taught Yoga in over 3 continents to hundreds of people in all ages, shapes and sizes. He has been selected as one of 20 Yoga and Conscious Movement teachers based in Bali represented in film for the quality and uniqueness of the practice, in the Visionary Documentary project SeeBeNow by Erick Joseph.

Angelo’s Tao Yoga has been recognized by India Hindu guru Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa (Divine Love Society) and Bali Hindu High Priestess Jero Ayu.

Aside from Asana Yoga, Angelo has been an original creator of progressive workshops combining Sound Healing with Vibrational Medicine and Mandala Art making, through his dynamic Art Therapy classes.  Through these classes which he calls “The Yoga of Art”, he has instigated countless creative awakenings.

Since his initial Yoga Training he has dived deeply in the exploration of truth via different spiritual cultures. He has studied and practiced Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, India + Bali Hindu and Esoteric Christianity. His experiences have made him sensitive to the depth and universality in cultural belief systems.

Angelo Marcos Santos


A former dancer, Filipa Veiga has started Ashtanga Yoga practice, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Lisbon in 2004 with Isa Guitana and Tarik van Prehn Praça.

Ever since she embraced different kinds of yoga in her travelings to India and research on the practice. Filipa attended several yoga immersions with internationally recognised teachers including Manju Jois, Eddie Stern, Dena Kingsberg, Mark Roberds, Tim Feldman, Peter Sanson, Dany Paradise, among others. She studied for a full year with Prem and Radha Carlisi, in Bali.

She travels every year to Mysore to study with her guru, Sharath Jois, at KPJAYI in Mysore, India.

Filipa is committed with her own daily asana self-practice and meditation in Bali, where she currently lives with her family. She feels blessed to share this ancient knowledge with all interested in learning about yoga and its fundaments.

She is also a journalist writing to several publications about Yoga and Ayurveda, the Science of Life. Filipa is attending an Ayurveda program with her teacher Dr. Chitralekha from the Ayurveda Medical Collage in Mysore and gives Ayurvedic life-style consultations to her students.

Filipa gives classes in a hearty and non intrusive way, teaching her students to understand the power behind the practice that will allow to build both physical and emotional strength. With time the practice becomes a movement meditation that will allow to start the day with a renewed energy.



It did not take long for Indra to decide what the next step was after his first Yoga lesson, an experience that was beyond special. And after completing his teacher training in Rishikesh, India, Indra can finally materialize his steadfast determination: to share the life-changing experience of Yoga.

To Indra, Yoga is about unity and balance, hence his equal emphasis on the intense and subtle aspects of Yoga to strengthen and heal one’s self. He has cultivated an understanding that the body is a reflection of the mind and soul, and vice versa, and Yoga is the ideal tool to synchronize them, ultimately helping one achieve a unified existence.

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