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He expertly combines his 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training by Shades of Yoga with his three years of study at Geranada Samihita, the Sutra Patanjali Sanskrit with Indian Guruji’s ashram in Bali. Agung also draws from his original grass roots grounding by dedicated Balinese teachers of deep lineage.




As a native Balinese person I grew up with traditions like preparing offerings day to day. I had also practiced Balinese dance from 6 years of age. Not realising it at the time these activities were to give me a foundation for my future career in yoga.
A motorbike accident was to be the reason I begun to take yoga more seriously, and begin the long journey of educating myself to finally become a professional yoga teacher.
For 3-4 years yoga has been a big part of my life. Years of practice have helped me grow stronger, more flexible, confident, and fearless. I also have a far clearer understanding of my body/mind connection as I continue to practice each day. Most importantly yoga has taught me to live each moment, and to be more mindful.
In 2016 I completed 200 hours of Hatha/Vinyasa that included 50 hours of Yin yoga at the School of Sacred Arts.
In my classes, I combine creative sequences, breath awareness, mindfulness meditation and an understanding of the body’s limitations. I believe this his helps to deepen the practice. My Yin classes combine asana, energy lines in the body (Meridian pathways in Chinese medicine) and a mindfulness meditation. In this practice we are creating one connection between body, breath and mind in a passive mode and allowing oneself to just “be” without judgment. This allows an enhancement on a deeper level with our physical body.
I hope that each time my students step off the yoga mat they will be left feeling refreshed, nourished, and more balanced in body, mind and spirit.




Athena is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500hr certified teacher.

She focuses on strength and stability in her classes so her students understand their own functional movement and bio-mechanics. This is to help them create a safe, long term asana practice while respecting the abilities and safety of their own physical form, alignment and structure. Along with meditation, breathing techniques and awareness, Athena’s classes encompasses a holistic approach to yoga which allows space for her students to go on that ever so important journey of self study (Svadhyaya).

Her own journey started when she was just 14 years old. She had stumbled upon a book called The Science of Self Realization by Swami Prabhupada and thus began a long process of self inquiry and deep meditation. She began practicing asana a few years later, and embarked on a life changing trip to India, spending three months in an ashram and delving deep into the study and practice of Yoga.

She is a passionate and dedicated teacher, whose core principles are – respecting the body, doing the work not only on the surface but allowing for space to listen to and embrace the spirit within, honouring the yoga practice and how different every individual’s journey is.


Dayu Mahadewi

Dayu is a graduate of the 200 hours YPTT from Bali. She started doing yoga 10 years ago.

In 2017 she decided to become a certified yoga teacher.
Dayu continued her career working at various upscale retreat centers and Yoga Saraswati studio. She found her passion in teaching yoga and cooking healthy food in her restaurants in Ubud.

For her, intensive yoga practice can do more to your physical, mental and emotional well- being.

Dayu Mahadewi


Ubud-based yoga teacher, musician and artist Sandi Kalifadani has been a dedicated explorer of yoga since 2002. He has also been studying zen meditation and several healing methods that include zen counselling, jin shin jyutsu, hypnotherapy, NLP, bringing many elements of these practices into his yoga teachings.

Sandi is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and has taught yoga since 2005. In his teaching, Sandi uniquely combines aspects of iyengar yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga, bringing a wonderful mix of longer-held postures, deep stretching, slow flow, and meditation, modified for all levels of practitioner.  Also as a Yoga Alliance certified children’s yoga teacher, he taught yoga classes for children and disable children since 2015. His profile can be seen at sandiyoga.com

Off the mat Sandi initiates music projects, creates music, video, photography and works for several art exhibitions. Go to kalifadani.com for more of his art and music activities.



Arsita Putri RYT 500

Sita is a Bali based yoga instructor. She escaped from a hectic life in the big city and corporate world 4 years ago and moved to Ubud, Bali where she has experienced a lot of transformation in her life, living a healthy life of exercise and healthy food.
She decided to move to Bali and pursue her passion in yoga and healthy lifestyle after witnessing her friends and families trapped in the unhealthy, unhappy, busy life.
For her yoga is more than a sport, it is an adventure and exploration of herself. The yoga mat is her playground to have fun and her laboratory to examine and explore herself. Her class is designed for all levels of practitioners, she loves to encourage you to explore and to know your body more.

Nov 2015 –April 2017
The yoga Barn
Led community class, community Bahasa Indonesia class based on Hatha- Vinyasa Style. Led regular class for Intro to Yoga and also was sub teacher.

January – June 2016
Sully Resort
Taught hatha Vinyasa style yoga for teenagers, Sully’s Tourism School students.

January 2016 – April 2017
Short Break Yoga Retreat by Bali Spirit
Taught private yoga class for SBYR programs in Hatha Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga Class

February – April 2017
Amrta Siddhi Ayurvedic Centre
Taught  gentle yoga class based on Hatha and Yin Yoda styles for people who were consuming ghee and were in the juice fasting program.

April – June 2017
Les Leventhal Yoga Teacher Training
Assited Les Leventhal in his 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.

·      Chinese Literature, Univerity of Indonesia 2006-2011
·      200hr Vinyasa YTT with Les Leventhal Oct 5 – 31, 2015, The Yoga Barn
·      Mudra Workshop with Denise Payne August 2015
·      Posture Clinic Workshop with Bex Tyrer, March  2017
·      300hr Vinyasa YTT with Les Leventhal, May 29 – June 30, 2017

Classes Offered
·      Vinyasa Flow
·      Vinyasa Slow
·      Hatha Flow
·      Intro Yoga
·      Intro to Vinyasa
·      Power Slow
·      Flexi Bendy Yoga
·      Gentle Yoga
·      Detox Flow Yoga
·      Yoga for Kids  (games and team-building based)

Phone: +62 856 9489 1400
E-mail: arsiteputri18@gmail.com

Address: Jl. Tirta Tawar No. 78, Ubud – Bali 80571

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