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He expertly combines his 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training by Shades of Yoga with his three years of study at Geranada Samihita, the Sutra Patanjali Sanskrit with Indian Guruji’s ashram in Bali. Agung also draws from his original grass roots grounding by dedicated Balinese teachers of deep lineage.



As a native Balinese person I grew up with traditions like preparing offerings day to day. I had also practiced Balinese dance from 6 years of age. Not realising it at the time these activities were to give me a foundation for my future career in yoga.
A motorbike accident was to be the reason I begun to take yoga more seriously, and begin the long journey of educating myself to finally become a professional yoga teacher.
For 3-4 years yoga has been a big part of my life. Years of practice have helped me grow stronger, more flexible, confident, and fearless. I also have a far clearer understanding of my body/mind connection as I continue to practice each day. Most importantly yoga has taught me to live each moment, and to be more mindful.
In 2016 I completed 200 hours of Hatha/Vinyasa that included 50 hours of Yin yoga at the School of Sacred Arts.
In my classes, I combine creative sequences, breath awareness, mindfulness meditation and an understanding of the body’s limitations. I believe this his helps to deepen the practice. My Yin classes combine asana, energy lines in the body (Meridian pathways in Chinese medicine) and a mindfulness meditation. In this practice we are creating one connection between body, breath and mind in a passive mode and allowing oneself to just “be” without judgment. This allows an enhancement on a deeper level with our physical body.
I hope that each time my students step off the yoga mat they will be left feeling refreshed, nourished, and more balanced in body, mind and spirit.




Nina comes from Surabaya, Indonesia.

She is a Yoga Alliance qualified yoga instructor and has completed 100 hrs Devdan Yoga Teacher Training and a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa  Devdan Yoga Teacher Training with Edo Tandean. More recently she completed a 35hr “Fly High Yoga” Teacher Training held by Jose Jimenez and Acacia Jade.

She teaches her own style of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

I was introduced to Yoga through a friend who was looking to get a good deal on his local gym membership by bringing another person with him!
I saw people doing Yoga from the outside of the studio which was the first time I learned that Yoga is not just about meditation.
I signed up for membership immediately and started the Yoga classes the next day.
I loved Yoga from the start and was soon taking classes 4-5 times a week.
From then on I attended as many different types of Yoga classes as were available which was pretty limited in Surabaya 4 years ago!Year by year I continued my practice and as I met more and more Yoga practioner’s I began to think about doing my first Yoga Teacher Training course.
I completed my first training in the beginning 2015 in Surabaya.

In the beginning I was taking the training for my own knowledge and to educate myself more about Yoga, how to really do poses safely.

At the same time, I started to do substitute Yoga teaching at a few different Yoga studios around Surabaya and so my teaching career began.

The atmosphere of Yoga life in Surabaya is very different compared to Ubud. If you are as interested in Yoga as I am, Ubud is really an exciting place to be able to live and teach in.

My mother passed away of Cancer in June 2015 and now I want to share and educate people more about a healthy lifestyle. I want to help people to become more aware of their body and how it affects their well-being. I believe all sickness comes from the mind, through Yoga I think you can fight it.



I’m a young girl from Bali i was falling in love with yoga since 18 years old my friend was introduce me to yoga for the first time when i feeling so stressed with my job. That was grace for me i start do it Again,Again,Again. The yoga is become my Hobby now that something miss if I’m not doing it.

Every time i do yoga just felt my self born again in consciousness ,calmness,clearness way.

On that experience i start to do yoga 5 time a weeks i try few different style of yoga that was different sensation for my body and one day i found HATHA yoga the was the ROOT form yoga i release my self this is was my body need , in Hatha yoga i can balance my self how i can connected Mind,Breath and Movement flow together .When I’m on the math that time for me give ‘A GIFT’ for myself .

I decided for go deeper with Hatha Yoga and i prepare myself to do teacher training course in Ubud But, the thought start coming “Why I’m Doing the Course ??” this question push me step back and i found the blessed that ‘I Can Share the Yoga to All Of You’ and was amazing experience that had in the course that i will NEVER forgot all the time.

Here i am now is always open heart to welcoming you to do then yoga together flow,sweat, feeling and smile together . Every time I do the yoga my heart get bigger ,bigger and bigger


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